Port Carrère, une histoire de famille avant tout

Here, the whole Estoup family orally for you.

Pierre and Josette, behind the project of tourism activities, have now retired but still keep a benevolent and proud eye (needless to say) on their children and grand-children.

Today, François and Sylvie as well as Paul, Marie, Claire and Anne are the ones in charge. Each of them puts his(her) hands in the dough for the sake of the place.

Reception, maintenance  entertainment, they do everything!

And everyone has got a job he or she willingly and cheerfully carries out!


François, he is the boss, he has done everything.he knows every good deal around here, he is the one who will welcome you, he is your privileged contact.

Sylvie, his wife. She is the designer as well as the supplier and the pastry-maker (gateaux basques, pastis, canneles, south west specialities)

Paul, the younger son, he is the little ones’friend always ready to take them aboard Rosalie (the pedal car) and he is responsible for thesweets at the reception.

Anne, Paul’s sister, you can meet her at the swimming-pool and she is responsible for Pedro the donkey, she looks after him everyday.

Pedro, the donkey from the Pyrenées with his two big ears to listen to you!